Rukumani Sathishkumar
Mother of three children, Rukumani was surviving by selling snacks on the street, which brought her Rs 60 a day. She first learnt how to weave baskets then she was taught autorickshaw driving. Now she earns Rs 15,000 per month and additional Rs 10,000 by renting the second vehicle she was able to buy by taking a bank loan. Her children have graduated and her eldest daughter is now a nurse.
Ravethy Mani
Blind mother of three children, Ravethy was surviving in a hut with her family with a small salary of her husband working as a cyclorickshaw man. Trained in weaving baskets in which she excelled despite her disability she has been able to improve the living condition of her family. Her three children, Sugumar, Sowndarajan and Kavitha, could, thanks to SPEED Trust, complete graduate studies in Bachelor of Engineering and Nursing.
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