“Arivu” is the tamil word for “Knowledge”. Arivu is the name of the social and educational center created in the slum of Sathyavani Muthu Nagar in 2006. Students come to Arivu for daily evening classes (which exists from 1999) to help 500 shool going children. These classes help from Kindergarten kids to Highschool students. The tuitions are today handled by former students of SPEED Trust.

Arivu has a computer lab where kids are introduced to computers and a library where they can borrow books.

Arivu is also a center of multidisciplinary activities for children in slums: they can come to learn classical dance and/or do some sports.

Arivu organizes every summer, in partnership with the Gandhi Rural Rehabilitation center, summer camps for those who would never get the chance to have real vacations.

Arivu serves as an opening to the world to the slum children, by offering them outings to cultural and educational events like music, theater, puppetry, art workshops, etc.

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