This program is mainly meant for isolated women, widows, who are often homeless, or for families in a great distress due to illnesses or handicap.

These families get a monthly allocation but also advises and attentiveness. If needed we ask for the help of specialized NGO. The assistance provided to them during months or even during years is an essential support to their walk toward a complete autonomy.

It allows them to survive and to take the necessary efforts to permanently leave precariousness.

A bank account is opened for each beneficiary and they are helped in the management of their resources by social workers.

In returns, these families agree to have an activity or vocational training, but especially to send the children to school.

Since 2002, hundreds of families have benefited from this program successfully and nothing is more rewarding for us than hearing those we helped say “Today, thanks to you, I don’t need SPEED Trust helps anymore”.

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