Rather than temporary shanty towns, the slums are more of big housing blocks that house casual labourers, watchmen, housekeepers and servants, rickshaw pullers and autodrivers. All these humble people from rural origin driven out of the villages by a monsoon too strong or a drought too long have ended up in the big cities in search of jobs. These families, often from the same area, get together and recreate their villages in the heart of the city. These people are imbibed in their traditions and customs. When it comes to celebrate the great moments of the life, wedding, pregnancy ceremony, birth of a child, girl's puberty ceremony, etc., they should celebrate them with dignity to preserve the reputation of the family. This means spending a lot, so borrowing from private moneylenders, who in return collect 10 to 20 % interests … per month! This means getting into debt for life, sometimes for the upcoming generations too.

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